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This module will give discount to your customer for liking or sharing, your social network(s).

DEMO can be seen here :

This module is created to increase your social networking (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus) community/fan base and at the same time improve the sales through giving them discounts. Discount will automatically apply once they like or share through available social networks.

This module allows you to increase your sales as well as social presence at the same time.

Benefits for the customer

Customers will get a discount just for liking/sharing your social presence.

Admin panel configuration:

  • Fixed on total order amount / Percentage Discount
  • Single time use of disocunt only, no Discount will be given if they already liked.
  • Remove discount if they dislike during same/next order with same email.
  • Custom message to write in their tweet.


  • Integrated 3 major social networking sites: Google+, Facebook and Twitter, if no url given to any of these 3 then it will be not shown. Will be considered as you are not looking to give discount for particualr social network.
  • Instantantly increase social networking community/fan base by just one click in the exchange of the discount
  • Increase brand awareness and popularity by this module
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will also be improved by this


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