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Import data to EZ Autos - CSV IMPORT

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This is an independent Joomla component that will allow you to upload a CSV file to populate the database with property listings.

This component is separate from the actual EZ Autos component, so that future upgrades to the software would not require you to create a new version of the CSV Import data script.

Also the component has a sample CSV file, so you can download and can fill up data based on that.

Most important thing is this can work for any version of EZ Autos, you just need to check/verify field names in the sample CSV file and you can use it for your any version of EZ Autos.

P.S. This mod can be used for any version of EZ Autos just you need to adjust fields into the sample csv file.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you face any problems or have any questions