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Sliding Promo - New Defination to Promo

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It has been requested by many to give a new look to the default promo block of the Dolphin, and HERE IT IS NOW!

Do you also think that current promo block is boring and has limited features and changes are merely impossible for a non-technical person? Then here is your answer and solution.

Demo of this mod can be seen here

Features included

* Admin can upload images, give title, url for the image
* Admin can chose from settings the whether to display title on promo or not
* Settings are given to change height, width, effects, slide interval, promo auto play on load? etc
* easy to customize if needed.

I can do further customization to this mod upon request. And as available on my all mods this mod also comes with FREE INSTALLATION SERVICE.

Enjoy the flexibility of promo with this......


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