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SEO - Auto META Keywords Generator

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Here is the mod that will generate META KEYWORDS AUTOMATICALLY! It will render content of your whole page and will generate meta keywords based on the content of your current page.

Features include :

* Generate Meta keywords for current page automatically
* No need to create meta keys for each page when you create new blog, article or any other content.
* If you change content of the page then meta keywords will automatically adjusted based on your new content.
* All pages covered in this all existing and new one that you install any other mod, if any.
* Admin driven settings for the auto keyword enable/disable and keyword type choice
* There are also predefined words that will not be considered like "he, she, him, her,...." etc so commonly used words those are not necessary for the meta keywords. And they will not be considered.

So now it's easy to have meta keywords for your site in just a few minutes, without writing meta keywords for each page.

Demo of this mod can be seen here

Installation of the mod is very easy, just 3 steps ahead this mod is for you.

Still as my all mod are coming with free installation how can this be out of that, FREE INSTALLATION OF THIS MOD IS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.

Cheers and have fun.


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