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Facebook Chat CLONE for Dolphin V2

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all existing features of Facebook Chat V1

1. Users can use this light weight chat, to chat with thier online friends
2. User can set his status to away, or can go offline from chat and still can use/browse website.
3. Smilies can also be used in the chat
4. Your chat history will be saved and carry forwarded when you browse through the website, it is complete clone of facebook chat
5. admin can turn on/off this facebook like chat
6. Your browser title will alert you about the chat, and will show "USERNAME, sent a chat message" so you know to respond if you are on another tab or window.
7. Users can turn on/off sound alert when he receives a message

and there are more exciting feature and look similar to facebook, you can see the demo here

two friends login provided here for you to test features

friend 1 : visitor / visitor
friend 2 : test / test1

Free installation of the mod is available upon request.

New features included in V2

1. New System tray called "Alerts" added.
2. Users can view their total profile views count (this will only work if you have the mod WHO VISITED ME,
3. New friend request and total friends count
4. New mail and total mails count
5. Handy links for my profile and my photos
6. Allow Admin to restrict user to use chat as per the membership
7. System tray to show all online users
8. All online user's count displayed in system tray.

Also few bugs fixed and made it compatible with many other scripts.

Cheers and have fun


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